About Cheetah Token

Our frictionless yield & liquidity generation protocol means that you earn passive income without having to do anything at all.

Cheetah Token

#1 DeFi Token on Binance Smart Chain

Cheetah aims to break above meme coin status while delivering value to holders and donators. Cheetah has fostered a deflationary environment in which long-term conviction is both incentivized and rewarded. Here at Cheetah, we understand the doubts and fears people have about small-cap crypto projects and encourages you to only spend what you can afford to lose. We also aim to restore much list faith in the Crypto community and show that there are good solid projects!

Token Allocation

A Token with Fair Launch/ No RugPull/ 100% Liquidity Locked

  • 75% Pancakeswap Liquidity
  • 10% Initial Burn
  • 5% Animal Welfare Fund
  • 5% Marketing & Partnership Fund
  • 5% Development Fund
Token Name: Cheetah Token
Token Ticker: $Cheetah
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Contract: 0x8106dC9114bc2005331Bd807991c6EafA7efB11E
Type: Fair Launch
Launch Price Per BNB : 37,500,000,000


Decentralized Exchange

Cheetah Token will have utility within the Cheetah ecosystem, most notably in the form of being the governance token for the CheetahSwap decentralized exchange.
CheetahSwap aims to be a more secure way to trade your digital assets, while still maintaining complete decentralization. With an increased amount of screening of the developers, as well as anti-rug protocols being put in place, CheetahSwap will become the new normal in security. No more fake contract addresses, no more sneaky developer wallets.
Top-level security, all at the speeds of a cheetah to ensure a quick and seamless user experience.

running cheetah

Cheetah Timeline

An overview about what we are trying to accomplish in the Cheetah Universe and building a #1 DeFi Coin in the Binance Smart Chain

Our Team

Meet the team behind the Cheetah Universe

team member
Scott Feere

Marketing Director, Vancouver, Canada, Laurier University, Business

team member
Nick Miller

Founder and Ceo, Florida, University of Alabama, Electrical Engineering.

team member
Ankur S

Advisor and Coding Developer

Frequently Asked questions

What is Cheetah Token?

Cheetah Token is a yield-generating, community-driven non-custodial coin. Earn passive income by holding the Cheetah Token.

Can I make passive income with Cheetah Token?

Yes, we charge a tax of 10% on every transaction, with 2.5% redistributed to holders and 2.5% transferred to Animal Welfare Fund and 5% is added back to the liquidity pool. So you can earn interest by holding Cheetah Token.

What is the official Cheetah Token contract address?

The official Cheetah Token contract address is 0x8106dc9114bc2005331bd807991c6eafa7efb11e

How safe is Cheetah Token?

Cheetah Token contract ownership is non-recoverable. Ownership and previous ownership variables in the contract are both null and no one can ever reclaim ownership of the contract. 80% of tokens are locked with BNB on PanCakeSwap to provide initial liquidity. The LP tokens that can be used to redeem the initial liquidity are locked for a very long period.

How to buy Cheetah Token?

You can buy Cheetah Token by setting up a crypto wallet on the Binance Smart Chain and add Binance (BNB) coins to your account. From there, you can essentially swap BNB for Cheetah Token.